Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Relaxing Weekend

What a fabulous weekend!  Warm (for ny in april) air and sunshine.
ahhh all was great!  We were busy working around the M. Homestead my mom's chickens were moved to her house and our little babies moved to a bigger "crib" until they are ready for their coop. 
Keene and I planted seeds for our garden and the dogs knocked a few planters.... good times!  I think I may be getting ahead of myself with this whole garden thing.  Right now I am planting a million seeds and have a billion more that need to be sown directly.  I don't know how this will work with space!  I guess we will see.  Any tips for what/when/where to plant are welcomed and appreciated!
Keene had his 2 year visit and did great!  My tiny monkey has met/exceeded all milestones (proud mama here) and we had minimal disagreements on what is recommended vs required for vaccines.  ;)  Everyone commented on how sweet he was and a "super 2 year old".  The cutest moment was when he said "thank you Margie" or "tank too Ma-gee" to the nurse. Guh!  Love him!
I leave you with a picture Jeff snapped of Keene and I walking with Gizmo and Milo.  Note the helmet- he was riding his tricycle, I swear, we don't make him wear a helmet for walks. ;)