Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Relaxing Weekend

What a fabulous weekend!  Warm (for ny in april) air and sunshine.
ahhh all was great!  We were busy working around the M. Homestead my mom's chickens were moved to her house and our little babies moved to a bigger "crib" until they are ready for their coop. 
Keene and I planted seeds for our garden and the dogs knocked a few planters.... good times!  I think I may be getting ahead of myself with this whole garden thing.  Right now I am planting a million seeds and have a billion more that need to be sown directly.  I don't know how this will work with space!  I guess we will see.  Any tips for what/when/where to plant are welcomed and appreciated!
Keene had his 2 year visit and did great!  My tiny monkey has met/exceeded all milestones (proud mama here) and we had minimal disagreements on what is recommended vs required for vaccines.  ;)  Everyone commented on how sweet he was and a "super 2 year old".  The cutest moment was when he said "thank you Margie" or "tank too Ma-gee" to the nurse. Guh!  Love him!
I leave you with a picture Jeff snapped of Keene and I walking with Gizmo and Milo.  Note the helmet- he was riding his tricycle, I swear, we don't make him wear a helmet for walks. ;)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Updates, Birthdays, and Cuteness

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile.  I have been busy working on my business plan and mapping out where I want to go and where I want to be.  I have so many ideas buzzing around and am excited to get them out there for others to enjoy!

    In Tiromay news I am busy, busy!  I have several pieces going right now with the goal of reaching 25 items in my shop ready to go by May.  Each piece takes days to weeks to create from inspiration/design to the final touches so this is quite the task! 
     In M. Family news we are excited and emotional as Keene approaches his big day April 2nd.  I can't believe my little noodle monkey is going to be 2!  These past 2 years have been absolutely amazing and life changing. 
    Keene is exploding with new words and talents.  He knows several letters and numbers and can tell you which words start with B, M, A, and some other random letters!  He still loves cars of course and playing cars takes a good portion of our day.  He is my special baking helper and a total cookie monster!

My Baking Partner "more please"

Monday, March 7, 2011

Sing it springtime...

   It is socloseIjustknowit!  I just cannot wait for spring this year.  I am not big on hating on winter, I mean, I believe in freewill and  I live in upstate NY so if I don't like it I need to shove on out!  Anywho, being cooped up with 2 very energetic doggie old men and 1 extremely energetic almost 2 year old I am needing some warm air!
    The Meyer Family has a lot of projects this year.  New roof, new playroom, new front porch yada yada I am chomping to get my garden started!  We are also finally getting chickens this year too after waiting what feels like 50 years.  Keene has decided that our chickens will be named: Peep, Baby, and Baby.  Everyday he takes me to the window and points to the backyard to where we will build their home. 
Birthday planning is going very well.  I do believe that I have all my ducks in a row. I hope to have invites out this week!
 What are your plans and hopes for spring of 2011?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Creating my Etsy Store!

The Meyer family has been down and out this week but we seem to be on the collective mend.  So I have spent this Sunday morning creating my etsy shop (so fun!!!) while J and K are playing with trains.
Here is a sneak peak at the banner I created for my shop:

I am pretty proud of myself being technologically challenged and all.  I have written my description and ironed out my policies.  The next step is getting it stocked!  That will be a task for another day as I have a toddler that is way too cute ready to play!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Trudging through the depths of a head cold but still have birthday on the brain...

TSCookies etsy.com
   K's second birthday party has been churning in my head since, oh, the day after his first birthday party.  I actually keep a binder that I throw anything into that I would like to incorporate.  A fabric scrap for color or texture, pictures from magazines, words, etc. Of course etsy.com is a source of infinite inspiration for me, I could seriously lose myself for days in there if the outside world didn't come knocking.   With 2 months to go it is time to get serious!  I have it pretty much shaped up in my head so now I just have to get shopping and crafting!  This year we will be having it at Oma and Papa's house which should be beautiful. 
    We are going with a train theme since K is in LOVE with trains.  I want things crisp and modern but with the undertone of a vintage picnic in the country.  Here are a couple of things that have piqued my interest over the past year for our little man's big day.
CantaloupeCorner etsy.com

tomkatstudio etsy.com

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

First Post=First Day of School!

     Wow, the nerves!  Since this is my first post introductions are in order.  I spent the last 10 years in the veterinary field loving on my animal friends.  I left my career as a Hospital Manager for my dream job... mama... this past fall.  This was the single best decision of my adult life.  Our son will be 2 in April and he is the highlight of my day, life, everything. 
     Another highlight is the ability to once again focus on my creative side and fulfill my aesthetic needs. I do this through creating artisan jewelry.  More about that later.  I also enjoy all things domestic, and cloth diapering and  wool longies may be an obsession.  Who actually dreads potty learning time because they will miss their fluffy dipes??!
     So, that is a bit about me.  I look forward to sharing more. Happy creations and enjoy!
I leave you with a picture of K in his "new" upcycled longies made yesterday~~

Shirt:  Circo, Target Longies: Tiromay, Alpaca Slippers: Handmade in Martha's Vineyard