Tuesday, February 1, 2011

First Post=First Day of School!

     Wow, the nerves!  Since this is my first post introductions are in order.  I spent the last 10 years in the veterinary field loving on my animal friends.  I left my career as a Hospital Manager for my dream job... mama... this past fall.  This was the single best decision of my adult life.  Our son will be 2 in April and he is the highlight of my day, life, everything. 
     Another highlight is the ability to once again focus on my creative side and fulfill my aesthetic needs. I do this through creating artisan jewelry.  More about that later.  I also enjoy all things domestic, and cloth diapering and  wool longies may be an obsession.  Who actually dreads potty learning time because they will miss their fluffy dipes??!
     So, that is a bit about me.  I look forward to sharing more. Happy creations and enjoy!
I leave you with a picture of K in his "new" upcycled longies made yesterday~~

Shirt:  Circo, Target Longies: Tiromay, Alpaca Slippers: Handmade in Martha's Vineyard


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