Monday, March 7, 2011

Sing it springtime...

   It is socloseIjustknowit!  I just cannot wait for spring this year.  I am not big on hating on winter, I mean, I believe in freewill and  I live in upstate NY so if I don't like it I need to shove on out!  Anywho, being cooped up with 2 very energetic doggie old men and 1 extremely energetic almost 2 year old I am needing some warm air!
    The Meyer Family has a lot of projects this year.  New roof, new playroom, new front porch yada yada I am chomping to get my garden started!  We are also finally getting chickens this year too after waiting what feels like 50 years.  Keene has decided that our chickens will be named: Peep, Baby, and Baby.  Everyday he takes me to the window and points to the backyard to where we will build their home. 
Birthday planning is going very well.  I do believe that I have all my ducks in a row. I hope to have invites out this week!
 What are your plans and hopes for spring of 2011?

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